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Nigel I and Adrielle I

King Nigel the first, reiver richly rewarded, and Adrielle the first, the predestined.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: September 26th, AS 44 - April 24th, AS 44 (2009-2010)

Reign Period: 14th Century Scottish (His RM) & English (Her RM)

Predecessors: Roak IV and Jocea II

Successors: Quilliam I and Dagmar I


  • King’s Champion: The Honourable Lord Tiberius of Warwickshire
  • Queen’s Champion: Count Etain au Naval
  • Bard: Mistress Alyce de Sheppey
Nigel I and Adrielle I. Photo by Kyle Andrews.
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