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 ====== Kaylah IV and Trumbrand IV ====== ====== Kaylah IV and Trumbrand IV ======
-Kaylah and Trumbrand are currently the [[activities:​service:​offices:​Crown Princess]] and [[activities:​service:​offices:​Crown Prince]] of Ealdormere. +Queen Kaylah is the only woman in Ealdormere to have won Crown Tourney ​and become Queen by Right of Arms.  She was the second woman in the [[Scaism:​Knowne World]] to accomplish this, following Queen Rowan of Ansteorra in AS 25. As Consort, King Trumbrand chose the title "King of Grace and Patience"​
- +
-Princess ​Kaylah is the first woman in Ealdormere to win Crown Tourney by her own hand, and the second woman in the [[Scaism:​Knowne World]] to do so+
 +In the last month of Their reign, in March AS 54, a great plague struck the whole of the Knowne World. Kaylah and Trumbrand did not have a ceremonial step-down, since the Kingdom could not gather at that time. 
 =====Reign Information===== =====Reign Information=====
-Served as: Currently Princess ​and Prince+Served as: Queen and King
-Date of Reign: ​N/A +Date of Reign: ​September 21st, AS 54 - April 25th, AS 54
- +
-Reign Theme: ​+
 Predecessors:​ [[Roak VI and Hyrrokin]] Predecessors:​ [[Roak VI and Hyrrokin]]
-Successors: ​//to be determined//​+Successors: ​[[Rattanicus and Isabel]] 
 +  * Queen'​s Champion: Sir Richard Larmer 
 +  * King's Champion: Viscountess Elizabeth Mortimer 
 +  * Rapier Champion: Mistress Kersteken Janzdochtere 
 +  * Bard: Baron Justinian Clarus 
 +  * Toymaker: Baron Gerrard Carpentarius 
 +  * Child of Challenge: Samuel Brown 
 {{tag>​history:​royalty:​kingdom}} {{tag>​history:​royalty:​kingdom}}
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