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Elizabeth and Menken

Princess Elizabeth, only Princess of the North by right of arms, she who ever sought and seeks, and Menken who knew the Northlands well.

Elizabeth was the first and only Princess of Ealdormere to be be sovereign in her own right, and Menken the only Prince Consort.

Reign Information

Served as: Princess and Prince

Date of Reign: September 21st, AS 31 - April 12th, AS 31 (1996-1997)

Predecessors: Roak III and Moria

Successors: Edward and Rylyn


  • Princess' Champion: Katsu Oikawa
  • Prince's Champion: Hereward the Far-Dweller
  • Archery Champion: Liesl Wilhelmstochter
  • Equestrian Champion: Ragni Dzintara
  • Bard: Onami
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