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Edward III and Rylyn III

King Edward III, long striding master of the hall and Rylyn III, keen eyed towards the order of things.

Edward III and Rylyn III held four Royal Tournaments of Renown during their reign. Tournaments were held in the following martial disciplines:

  • Armored Combat, won by The Honourable Lord Tristham Ovinra I Groffa
  • Rapier Combat, won by Master Eyrny Ormarsdottir
  • Archery, won by Master Dafydd ap Sion
  • Thrown Weapons, won by Baron Daniel of Whitby

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: October 21st, AS 52 - April 28th, AS 52

Predecessors: Quilliam IV and Tangwystl

Successors: Baldric and Breyla

Reign Period: 11th Century Norman (His RM) & Saxon (Her RM)


  • King's Champion: Baron Penda of Glyndmere
  • Queen's Champion: Sör Shahid al-Hasan
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