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 ====== Edward I and Rylyn I ====== ====== Edward I and Rylyn I ======
 //King Edward the first, of the wise gaze, and Rylyn the first, wolf-mother.//​ //King Edward the first, of the wise gaze, and Rylyn the first, wolf-mother.//​
 +Edward I and Rylyn I held six Royal Tournaments of Renown during their reign. ​ Tournaments were held in the following martial disciplines: ​    
 +  * Armored Combat, won by Duke Roak of Ealdormere, KSCA
 +  * Rapier Combat, won by THL Vladislav Tepelus
 +  * Archery, won by Lord Robert Guerin
 +  * Boffer 15-15 years
 +  * Boffer 9-12 years, won by Sargiencka Black
 +  * Boffer 6-9 years, won by Jobjorn Edwardson
 =====Reign Information===== =====Reign Information=====
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