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Baldric and Breyla

King Balric, gift giver to the wolf pack, and Breyla, her laughter ringing upon the list.

Balric and Breyla brought the East Kingdom tradition, the running of the toy chest, to Ealdormere. During court at each event, a peer would be asked to run carrying a chest full of toys. This peer was chased by all the children in attendance (the “wolf pack”), and when they caught the peer they each received a toy from the chest.

Balric and Breyla had medallions made for all past members of the Award of the Wolf's Cub, with the goal of giving a medallion to each new child given the award.

His Majesty Balric issued a challenge to unbelted fighters to participate in the Knowne World Chiv Hunt, the goal of which was to fight 50 members of the Order of the Chivalry in 2018. The Honourable Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg was the only unbelt to complete the challenge by the end of Balric's reign.

Reign Information

Served as: King and Queen

Date of Reign: April 28th, AS 52 - September 22nd, AS 53

Predecessors: Edward III and Rylyn III

Successors: Evander and Marioun


  • King's Champion (armoured): Baron Amelius Claudius Rattanicus
  • Queen's Champion (fencing): The Honourable Lord Dafydd ap Alan
  • Thrown Weapons Champion: Lord John Spooner
  • Youth Champions: Arongarr Svenson & Aromir Svenson
  • Bard: Baron Justinian Clarus
  • Historian: Baron Alexander Gladstone

Command Staff:

  • Pennsic War General: Sir Varakii Varenko Idanovich
  • Pennsic War Armored Combat XO: Sir Tiberius of Warwickshire
  • Pennsic War Rapier Combat: Mistress Kersteken Janzdochtere
  • Pennsic War Unbelted Assist: The Honourable Lord Conall MacEarnain
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