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Lineages are lines that extend from peer to student, sometimes through multiple “generations”, similar to family trees.

Lineage trees are made with one of the following pairings:

If you are looking for the line of a peer and do not know which lineage he or she belongs in, you can find links in the peer index.

The relationship between lineage and household can be confusing. Households are groups of people coming together for a common purpose; lineages are lines etched into history. Sometimes a household is based around a lineage, and all the peers and dependents of said lineage are part of the same household. This is, however, not always the case. Large lineages in particular may have only a subset of its line belonging to the same household. In other cases, each peer in a lineage may start his or her own household, with no overarching household at all. Lastly, a household with strong ties to a lineage may have members that are not joined to the line.

Note: These trees are still a work in progress. If you see an error or have an addition to make and don't want to figure out the wiki diagram formatting to fix it, contact an admin and they will help.


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