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 |Berend van der Eych| |[[Line of Berend]]| | | |Berend van der Eych| |[[Line of Berend]]| | |
 |Berus Wolfsonne|[[Line of Osis]]| | | | |Berus Wolfsonne|[[Line of Osis]]| | | |
-|Brand Thorwaldsen| | |[[Line of Brand]]| |+|Brand Thorwaldsen| |[[Line of Siglinde]]|[[Line of Brand]]| |
 |Breanaidh ni Naoimin| |[[Line of Sylard]]| | | |Breanaidh ni Naoimin| |[[Line of Sylard]]| | |
 |Caffa Muiriath| |[[Line of Caffa]]|[[Other Pelicans]]| | |Caffa Muiriath| |[[Line of Caffa]]|[[Other Pelicans]]| |
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