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Line of Siglinde

Meisterin Siglinde was never apprenticed herself.

Laurel-Apprentice Tree

Solid lines indicate laurel-apprentice relationships.

Meisterin Siglinde
Mistress Anne Mistress Lucia Adalheidis Dubhease Lachlan Dorthea
Mistress Xristina Mistress Eluned Maistresse Alais Jane Avelyn
Master Brand Eówin Maggie
Dubhesa Jéhanne Isabel Estienne Tanneken Jǫfurr

List of Names

Meisterin Siglinde Harfnerstochter, OL, OP, is the head of this line.

Current and former apprentices of Meisterin Siglinde

Apprentices of Kniaginia Xristina

Current and former apprentices of Mistress Lucia

  • Master Brand Thorwaldsen, OL, OP
  • Lady Maggie of Ealdormere

Apprentices of Mistress Eluned

  • The Honourable Lady Amelye Merriman

Apprentices of Maistresse Alais

See Also

The list of Kniaginia Xristina's proteges can be found in the Line of Xristina.
The list of Mistress Isabel's proteges can be found in the Line of Ælflaeda.
The lists of Master Brand's proteges and Mistress Lucia's proteges can be found in the Line of Brand.

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