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Line of Nicolaa (Pelican)

Magistra Nicolaa was not proteged herself.

Pelican-Protege Tree

Solid lines indicate pelican-protege relationships. Grey borders indicate members who live out-of-Kingdom.

Magistra Nicolaa
Hans Gwerydd Naja Sciath Dmitri
Elanna Caitlin Jocelyn Gema

List of Names

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester, OP, OL is the head of this line.

Proteges of Magistra Nicolaa

  • TH Lord Hans Thorvaldsson
  • Gwerydd ferch Llewellyn (of Avacal)
  • TH Lady Elanna of Marchmount
  • Lady Caitlin inghean Tomais ui Duibhir
  • Lady Naja Kesali
  • Maestra Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell, MOD
  • Magistra Sciath ingen Chaennaig, OL (shared with Master Gunther)
  • Baroness Gema Krasil’niKova (shared with Master Gunther)
  • Baron Dmitri Kievskoi (shared with Master Gunther)

See Also

The List of Magistra Nicolaa's apprentices can be found in the Laurel Line of Nicolaa.

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