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Line of Nicolaa (Pelican)

Magistra Nicolaa was not proteged herself.

Pelican-Protege Tree

Solid lines indicate pelican-protege relationships. Grey borders indicate members who live out-of-Kingdom.

Magistra Nicolaa
Hans Gwerydd Naja Sciath
Elanna Caitlin Jocelyn

List of Names

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester, OP, OL is the head of this line.

Proteges of Magistra Nicolaa

  • TH Lord Hans Thorvaldsson
  • Gwerydd ferch Llewellyn (of Avacal)
  • TH Lady Elanna of Marchmount
  • Lady Caitlin inghean Tomais ui Duibhir
  • Lady Naja Kesali
  • Maestra Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell, MOD
  • Magistra Sciath ingen Chaennaig, OL (shared with Master Gunther)

See Also

The List of Magistra Nicolaa's apprentices can be found in the Laurel Line of Nicolaa.

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