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Line of Naon

Master Naon was not apprenticed himself.

Laurel-Apprentice Tree

Solid lines indicate laurel-apprentice relationships. Dashed lines indicate non-oathbound relationships. Grey borders indicate members who live out-of-Kingdom.

Master Naon
Mistress Rhiannon Carolyn Magistra Marie
Sonda Duncan
Dame Eleanor Giana Inge
Master Thevenin Selena Wilhelm Matilda
Genevieve Cristabell Varenko Gudrun

List of Names

Master Naon na Chruitire, OL, is the head of this line.

Current and former students of Master Naon

Former apprentices of Mistress Rhiannon

  • Dame Eleanor Cadfan, OL, OP

Apprentices of Magistra Marie

Current and former apprentices of Dame Eleanor

  • Master Thevenin de la Cote d'Azur, OL
  • Dame Genevieve la Flechiere, OP (of Drachenwald)
  • The Honourable Lady Selena Fairhyrst
  • The Honourable Lady Cristabell Wensleydale
  • The Honourable Herr Wilhelm von Pottruff
  • Sir Varakii Varenko Idanovich, KSCA
  • Lady Matilda La Zouche
  • Lady Gudrun Jansdatter

See Also

The list of Sir Varenko's squires can be found in the Line of Evander.

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