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 ====== Line of Marioun ====== ====== Line of Marioun ======
-Mistress ​Marioun was not apprenticed herself.+Countess ​Marioun was not apprenticed herself.
 =====Laurel-Apprentice Tree===== =====Laurel-Apprentice Tree=====
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 =====List of Names===== =====List of Names=====
-Mistress ​Marioun Golightly, OL, is the head of this line.+Countess ​Marioun Golightly, OL, is the head of this line.
 **Apprentices** **Apprentices**
-  * Lady Sabina of Aberdeen+  * Baroness ​Sabina of Aberdeen
 {{tag>​history:​lineages:​laurels}} {{tag>​history:​lineages:​laurels}}
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