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Line of Hector (Pelican)

Master Hector was not proteged himself.

Pelican-Protege Tree

Solid lines indicate pelican-protege relationships.

Master Hector
Mistress Gaerwen Grom Pelayo

List of Names

Master Hector of the Black Height, OP, OL, is the head of this line.

Current and former proteges of Master Hector

  • Mistress Gaerwen of Trafford, OP, OL
  • Baron Grom Meinfretr
  • TH Lord Pelayo de la Lanza de Hierro (shared with Master Brand)

Proteges of Mistress Gaerwen

  • Lady Bethóc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr

See Also

The list of Master Hector's apprentices can be found in the Laurel Line of Hector.
The list of Mistress Gaerwen's apprentices can be found in the Line of Enid.

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