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Line of Hector (Laurel)

Master Hector was not apprenticed himself.

Notes on this line:

  • Ragnheithr kennari was the premier peer of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Laurel-Apprentice Tree

Solid lines indicate laurel-apprentice relationships.

Master Hector
Ragnheithr kennari
Arnora Master Martin Brigit Mistress Aurelia Yrick Ines
Kaisa Jéhanne Eeva Anneke Saraphina Alana

List of Names

Master Hector of the Black Height, OL, OP, is the head of this line.

Current and former apprentices of Master Hector

Current and former apprentices of Ragnheithr visakona

  • The Honourable Lady Arnora Dunestan
  • Master Martin Bildner, OL
  • The Honourable Lady Brigit Larkin
  • Patrika Aurelia Gabraina, OL, OP (sadly missed)
  • Lord Yrick de Mornay (sadly missed)
  • Lady Ines de Freitas

Apprentices of Master Martin

  • The Honourable Lord Graeme de Cherbourg

Apprentices of Patrika Aurelia

See Also

The List of Master Hector's protoges can be found in the Pelican Line of Hector.

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