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Line of Genevieve (Pelican)

Pelican-Protege Tree

Solid lines indicate pelican-protege relationships. Dashed lines indicate non-oathbound relationships (see below for details).

Mistress Genevieve
Mistress Christiana
Liðr Eydis Guoillauc Christiana

List of Names

Countess Genevieve Chastellain D'Anjou, OP, OL, is the head of this line.

Formere proteges of Countess Genevieve

  • Mistress Christiana Macnamara

Proteges of Mistress Christiana

  • Countess Liðr Lang-Akason (Shared with Master Percival)
  • Lady Eydis of House Marchmount (Student)
  • Lord Guoillauc filius Brancu (formerly Tristan of Ravenglass, shared with Master Percival)
  • Lady Christiana Mundegumery

See Also

The List of Countess Genevieve's apprentices can be found in the Laurel Line of Genevieve.

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