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Line of Gannicus

The lineage of Sir Gannicus (most often called Gann) is listed below.

  • Sir Gannicus was squired to Duke Vik Vikingsson, KSCA, of An Tir.
  • Duke Vik was squired to Duke Sven Fallgr Gunnarsson, KSCA, of An Tir.
  • Duke Sven was squired to Duke Dak Ulfredsson, KSCA, of An Tir.
  • Duke Dak was squired to Duke Torgul Steingrimsson, KSCA, of An Tir.
  • Duke Torgul was squired to Sir Morgan of Aberystwyth, KSCA, of the West.

Knight-Squire Tree

Solid lines indicate knight-squire relationships.

Sir Gannicus
Thorsteinn Sir Tristham

List of Names

Sir Gannicus the Hibernian, KSCA is the head of this line.

Current and former squires of Sir Gann

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