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Line of Finnvarr (Chivalry)

Duke Finnvarr de Taahe arrived in Ealdormere in the early years of the SCA. He was not himself squired.

Many, but not all, of the knights and squires in the lineage of Duke Finnvarr are members of House de Taahe.

Knight-Squire Tree

Solid lines indicate knight-squire relationships. Dashed lines indicate non-oathbound relationships (see below for details). Grey borders indicate members who live out-of-Kingdom.

This tree is (likely) incomplete, as the size of De Taahe makes it difficult to be certain everyone is accounted for.

Sir Finnvarr
Neil Sir Shinawasee Jehanne Morgan Juan Reinald
Sir Gareth Sir Hugo Sir Mordain Sir Lorimer Alasdair
Finn Draymore Tamichi
Vlad Hwyl Sir Nathan
Leonet Cospatrick Hereward Travis Sir Siegfried
Tarver Sir Edouard Sir Richard Nicolae Vladimir
Michael Sir John Augustyne Sir Rattanicus Meuric
Eirik Dafydd Argyle
Thomas Wulfyn Searu Laurence Thorkell
Aelric Ulf Llewelyn Sir Wulfgang Eanor
Padraig Sir Varus Sir Cennedi Rhys Lars
Phaidrig Rhodri Sir Malik Edward
Aelfgifu Fa'al Johannes Sir Wat
Maximillan Janos Gilgalad Þorfinna
Dagmar Rorik

List of Names

Duke Finnvarr (KSCA, OP, OL) begins the tree.

Current and former Squires and Students of Duke Finnvarr

  • Neil of Malincourt
  • Sir Gareth the Russell, KSCA (of the Midrealm)
  • Sir Shinawassee Magnusson, KSCA (of the East)
  • Graf Hugo von Feuerklippe, KSCA
  • Baroness Jehanne l’Enragee (of the Midrealm)
  • Viscount Mordain Blackcloak, KSCA
  • Baroness Morgan Elandris (of Æthelmearc)
  • Sir Lorimer MacAltin, KSCA (of the Midrealm)
  • Master Macias de Alarcon, OP (of Calontir)
  • Master Alasdair of Raasay, OL
  • Reinald fitz Albert
  • Lady Leonet de Covenham (of Drachenwald, squired 1984-1994)
  • Tarver (formerly squired to Graf Hugo)
  • Cospatrick
  • Duke Edouard Beausoleil, KSCA
  • Baron Hereward
  • Sir Richard Larmer, KSCA, OP
  • Lord Travis Vincent Greywolf
  • Lady Catriona Gower of York
  • Lord Nicolae Cioranu
  • Duke Siegfried Brandboern, KSCA, OP
  • Lord Vladimir (formerly squired to Graf Hugo)
  • Maister Colyne Stewart, OP (no longer associated with De Taahe)
  • Master Berend van der Eych, OL (no longer associated with De Taahe)
  • Baroness Mahault of Swynford (no longer associated with De Taahe)

Squires of Sir Shinawassee

  • The Honorable Lord James ap Llywelyn (of Atlantia)

Current and former Squires and Students of Graf Hugo

  • Finn
  • Vlad
  • Draymore Von Draykopf
  • Hwyl ap Rhyddrch (of Northshield)
  • Takeda Tamichi (of Northshield)
  • Sir Nathan Adelaar (of Calontir)

Current and former Squires and Students of Viscount Mordain

  • Lord Thomas of Nil
  • Aelric Whiteblade
  • Wulfyn of Goblintooth Gap (of the East)
  • Ulf of Seashire
  • Lady Searu Dracwyn
  • Lord Llewelyn of Ben Dunfirth
  • Laurence or Orkney
  • Sir Wulfgang von der Lowen, KSCA (of the Midrealm)
  • Thorkill
  • Baron Phaidrig McNeill
  • Padraic
  • Duchess Eanor of Amberhall (former squire)
  • Sir Lucius Aurelius Varus, KSCA (of the East)
  • Lord Rhodri ap Rhydderch
  • Count Rory Cennedi the Kid, KSCA
  • Count Malik 'abd al-Rahman, KSCA
  • Lord Rhys ap Bledri
  • The Honorable Lord Edward of Flaming Sky
  • Master Lars Eriksson, MOD

Squires of Duke Edouard

  • Michael of Aquitaine
  • Count John Peregrine of Restormel, KSCA (of Drachenwald)

Current and former Squires of Duke Siegfried

  • Master Eirik Andersen, OP (former squire)
  • The Honorable Lord Augustyn von Brixen
  • Master Dafydd ap Sion, OL, OP
  • Sir Amelius Claudius Rattanicus, KSCA
  • Lord Argyle the Clumsy
  • Lord Meuric Whith

Current and former Squires and Students of Sir Varus

  • Mistress Aelfgifu of the Hazel Thicket, OL (student) (of the East)
  • Lord Maximillian Abendroth (of the East)
  • Lord Fa'el Nameer (of the East)
  • Lord Janos Abendroth (of the East)

Current and former Squires of Count Cennedi

Students of Sir Rattanicus

  • Lord Christophe Baldricson (man at arms)

Squires of Sir John

  • Richard Rampant (of Drachenwald)

Squires of Sir Wat

  • Jarla Dagmar Halvdan, OP
  • Lord Rorik of Septentria

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