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Line of Caitlin

Duchess Caitlin was never apprenticed herself.

Laurel-Apprentice Tree

Solid lines indicate laurel-apprentice relationships. Grey borders indicate members who live out-of-Kingdom.

Mistress Caitlin
Mistress Tamarra
Mistress Madinia Mistress Aibhilin Master Thaninieyaieres Mistress Rozalynd
Dame Gwendoline Laura
Mistress Drea Katherine
Ludwig Davin Elaina Ragnheithr kennari
Gema Draco Fruachan Sybil

List of Names

Duchess Caitlin Stuart, OL is the head of this line.

Former apprentices of Duchess Caitlin

  • Mistress Tamarra Amalthea de Romany, OL, OP

Former apprentices of Mistress Tamarra

  • Mistress Madinia Devereaux O'Tuatail, OL
  • Mistress Aibhilin fra Skye, OL, OP
  • Master Thaninieyaieres O Ynys Yf Draig Gwyrdd, OL
  • Mistress Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees, OL

Current and former apprentices of Mistress Madinia

  • Dame Gwendoline Rosamond, OL
  • Mistress Drea di Pellegrini, OL (of the Midrealm)
  • Lady Katherine Rowberd

Current and former apprentices of Mistress Aibhilin

  • Lord Ludwig von Eisengrim
  • Baroness Gema Krasil’niKova
  • Baron Davin de la Baliene
  • Lord Draco Lengeteylle
  • Countess Elaina of Oaklawn (sadly missed)
  • Lady Fruachan of Skye (sadly missed)
  • visakona Ragnheithr Thorbjarnardottir, OL, foster-apprentice to Mistress Aibilin
  • Lady Sybil of Amberhall.

Apprentices of Mistress Rozalynd

See Also

The list of Mistress Aibhilin's proteges can be found in the Line of Aibhilin.
The list of visakona Ragnheithr's apprentices can be found in the Line of Hector.

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