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Line of Brand

Master Brand was not proteged himself.

Notes on this line:

  • Master Brand was the final pelican elevated by the Midrealm when Ealdormere was a principality.

Pelican-Protege Tree

Solid lines indicate pelican-protege relationships. Grey borders indicate members who live out-of-Kingdom.

Master Brand
Dame Genevieve Gwilym Godfrey Jørgen
Genevieve Mistress Kersteken Pelayo Lucia

List of Names

Master Brand Thorwaldsen, OP, is the head of this line.

Current and former proteges

  • Dame Genevieve la Flechiere, OP (now in Drachenwald)
  • Duchess Genevieve du Rosse
  • Lord Gwilym ap Rhodri (now in the Midrealm)
  • Mistress Kersteken Janzdochtere, OP
  • The Honourable Lord Godfrey Archer
  • The Honourable Lord Pelayo de la Lanza de Hierro (shared with Master Hector)
  • Lord Jørgen Lennertson
  • Mistress Lucia de Enzinas, OL

See Also

The List of Mistress Lucia's apprentices can be found in the Line of Siglinde.

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