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 **Squires and students of Sir Ælwyth:** **Squires and students of Sir Ælwyth:**
   * Lord Alexander the Blue (Xander)   * Lord Alexander the Blue (Xander)
-  * TH Lord Hans Thorvaldson+  * The Honourable ​Lord Hans Thorvaldson
   * Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr   * Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr
-  * TH Lord Daniele da Padola+  * The Honourable ​Lord Daniele da Padola
   * Lady Neala Andhrimnirsdottir   * Lady Neala Andhrimnirsdottir
-  * TH Lord Pelayo de la Lanza de Hierro (Man-at-arms) ​+  * The Honourable ​Lord Pelayo de la Lanza de Hierro (Man-at-arms) ​
 **Others associated with the line** **Others associated with the line**
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