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Colyne Stewart
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   * Baroness [[people:​mahault_of_swynford|Matilda of Swynford]]   * Baroness [[people:​mahault_of_swynford|Matilda of Swynford]]
   * Baroness Mahhild de Valognes   * Baroness Mahhild de Valognes
-  * The Honourable Lady [[people:​Pesha|Pesha of Little Egypt]] +  * HE [[people:​Pesha|Pesha of Little Egypt]] 
-  * The Honourable Lady [[people:​Þorfinna gráfeldr]]+  * HE [[people:​Þorfinna gráfeldr]]
   * Maister [[people:​Colyne Stewart]], OP   * Maister [[people:​Colyne Stewart]], OP
   * Lady Ersebet of Târgoviște   * Lady Ersebet of Târgoviște
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