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Line of the North

The Line of the North is a chronological poetical listing of the rulers of Ealdormere.

Starting from the bottom, which is the start of the timeline, the first names listed in the Line of the North are the champions chosen when Ealdormere was still a collection of baronies and shires, before the Ban on Regions. It then lists the Crown Princes and Princesses of the Midrealm when Ealdormere was a Crown Principality, and the Princes and Princesses of the Principality of Ealdormere before starting the list of Kings and Queens. The Line of the North continues to the present, though it is occasionally a few reigns behind.

The Line of the North was written and updated by Master Hector of the Black Height through the reign of Siegfried II and Xristina. It is now maintained by Master Brand Thorwaldsen.

Line of the North

Now sits King Roak VII and Queen Hyrrokin II, 66th of the land’s sovereigns.

  • Before him sat King Rattanicus, the constant north star, and Isabel, the lucent moon, guiding us through the night.
  • Before him sat Queen Kaylah, sovereign by her own hand, beautiful and inevitable as the dawn, and Trumbrand, eyes cast to the sun.
  • Before her sat King Roak VI, wise as the elk, unchanging as the oak, and Hyrrokin I, the welcome summer breeze.
  • Before him sat King Evander, hand set to virtue, and Marioun, hospitality and heart overflowing.
  • Before him sat King Baldric, gift giver to the wolf pack, and Breyla, her laughter ringing upon the list.

Then came the time of the second decade of our Kingdom of Ealdormere, with our sovereigns right mindful of their birthright, standing tall and proud.

  • Then sat King Edward III, long striding master of the hall and Rylyn III, keen eyed towards the order of things.
  • Before him sat King Quilliam IV, soft spoken liege, and Tangwystl, wolf queen at last come home.
  • Before him sat King Siegfried II, arms bare and hands open, beside Xristina, ever elegant.
  • Before him sat King Nigel III, keeper of treasures, and Adrielle III, Iron Queen of distant lands, her gifts most precious.
  • Before him sat King Quilliam III, wave-washed, and Domhnail II, crafting her kingdom.
  • Before him sat King Steinnar, his back to sunset, and Liðr, twice-chosen.
  • Before him sat King Trumbrand III who counts autumns bounty and Kaylah the III firm in resolve.
  • Before him sat King Siegfried I, whose sword deals justice, beside Ragni, hall-hostess.
  • Before him sat King Nigel II, who holds what is taken, and Adrielle II, most diligent.
  • Before him sat King Trumbrand II, Harrow of the Summer Field, and Kaylah II, who ever steps forward.
  • Before him sat King Roak V, Pathfinder in the Northern Wilds, and Elizabeth, drawn to the sea.
  • Before him sat King Edward II, whose sword well serves, beside Rylyn II, who dreams bright dreams.
  • Before him sat King Quilliam II, upon whom the waves break, and Dagmar II, keeper of songs.
  • Before him sat King Aaron IV, who sows life to meadow and mountain, and Rustique IV, who walked a stony road.
  • Before him sat King Etain II, who exceeds his promises,and Valfreya II, lodestone of her land.
  • Before him sat King Quilliam I, Skald-King, bright beacon on the North shore, and Dagmar I, most faithful friend.
  • Before him sat King Nigel I, reiver richly rewarded, and Adrielle II the predestined.
  • Before him sat King Roak IV, his saddle a throne, and Jocea II, her bright sword unsheathed.
  • Before him sat King Etain I, called Etain the Proud, transfused with glory, and Valfreya I, who knows not her own merits.
  • Before him sat King Aaron III, whose tread shakes the Northland, and Rustique III, fruitful and well-loved.

Then our lineage is traced back to the first decade of our kingdom, when our crowns were new and traditions were created afresh.

  • Then sat King Trumbrand I, oath-holder, and Kaylah I of smiles and laughter.
  • Before him sat King Edouard IV, enthroned in splendour, and Domhnail I, bone-hewer.
  • Before him sat King Roak III, close holding his homeland, and Jocea I, who bears a sheathed sword.
  • Before him sat King Aaron II, who holds his land with grace, and Rustique II, who laughs to lead.
  • Before him sat King Edward I, of the wise gaze, and Rylyn I, wolf-mother.
  • Before him sat King Edouard III, who knows not dusk, and Genevieve II, of the open eyes.
  • Before him sat King Malik, who strides the shifting sands, and Genevieve d’Anjou, twice blessed and blessing.
  • Before him sat King Berus II, who steers by his own stars, and Marion II, summer’s well-spring.
  • Before him sat King Cennedi, lion destined to roar, and Susanna the thrice-proud.
  • Before him sat King Edouard II, who weighs his own balance, and Genevieve I, who asks and listens.
  • Before him sat King Roak II, come far for his birthright, and Arlette, compassionate on the glory field.
  • Before him sat King Sarnac, who rode to the saltless sea, and Joleicia, spring sun on ice.
  • Before him sat King Aaron I, baying hound of the wolf-pack, and Rustique I, faithful servant now served.
  • Before him sat King Roak I, the far-rider, and Carlotta, who keeps her own counsel.
  • Before him sat King Berus I, carved like linden, and Marion I, daughter of the raven.
  • Before him sat King Edouard I, who has ruled the lands of the sunrise, and Eanor of the old blood.
  • Before him sat King Kildare, who knows his own mind, and Josephine of the nimble fingers.
  • Before him sat King Osis, who reigned too few days, and Caitlin, whose tears quenched rich soil.
  • Before him sat King David the Greater, first King of the North, free as the deer, and Elina of the night fires.

Then came the years of our Principality, following the dragon banner of the Middle Kingdom and the crowns of the Prince and Princess symbolized the Line of the North.

  • Then sat Prince Berus, last of the oath-bound Princes, Northman by name and nature, and Marion, who remembers.
  • Before him sat Prince Gunther II, whose hall is famed and benches full, and Morgon of the many miles.
  • Before him sat Prince Edward, with eyes like an eagle, and Rylyn of the hundred treasures.
  • Before him sat Princess Elizabeth, only Princess of the North by right of arms, she who ever sought and seeks, and Menken who knew the Northlands well.
  • Before her sat Prince Roak III, drum-dancer of distant fields, and Moria of the scarlet veils.
  • Before him sat Prince Mordain, wise in old war-ways, and Ælflæda the bountiful.
  • Before him sat Prince Roak II, the mountain-mighty, and Tarkwyn II, the kind spoken.
  • Before him sat Prince David II, the stag-hearted, and Elina, sure shield-princess.
  • Before him sat Prince Gunther I, rich-handed ring giver, and Joleicia, hopeful as the sunrise.
  • Before him sat Prince Cordigan, song-swift swordsman, and Diane, patient as the blossoms of Spring.
  • Before him sat Prince Kildare II, young wolf of olden wisdom, and Lella the dawn-blued.
  • Before him sat Prince Belgar, hawk-handed warrior, and Andrea of the silent smiles.
  • Before him sat Prince Kildare I, silver wolf of golden Northlands, and Catherine, the fierce-hearted.
  • Before him sat Prince Roak I, thunderhead of the North-storm, and Tarkwyn I, welcome as the soft rains of April.
  • Before him sat Prince Osis, shield-hewer, and Ragnheithr, the blaze of autumn.
  • Before him sat Prince Michel, iron lord of the Northlands, and Kaellyn, heart wide as the Inland Seas.
  • Before him sat Prince David the Lesser, deer-shanked regent, first of the oath-bound Princes, and Tangwystl, warm as the spring winds and graceful as the snowflake.

And before there were Princes and Princesses the honour of Ealdormere was guarded by the Midrealm and our Crown Principality existed by name and charter, and the Champions Collars were born by the worthy.

  • Then sat the prince-king Tadashi, last of the Southron, old sea-otter at play, and Ariake, the wild rose in bloom.
  • Before him sat the prince-king Palymar, great brock of the Southland, and Katherine, soft as the heather.
  • Before him sat the prince-king Reynard, strong as the distant thunders, and Brynhildr, warm as dew on down.
  • Before him sat the prince-king Corwyn, of whom bards are silent, first of the Southron, and Shana the distant.
  • Before him stood John the oak-thewed and Deirdre the wistful, and they but briefly.
  • Before him stood Yog the granite-cleft and Hannora the moon-gilt.
  • Before him was the wolf, and the wilds, and the will.

There, O King, are the names of your line. Remember now the glory of the North.

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