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St. Antoninus

The College of St. Antoninus was situated at Brock University, in the Barony of Rising Waters. The mundane counterpart to the College was called the Brock University Medieval and Renaissance Club (BMARC), and was organized by Baroness Celeste D'Arles, as Founder and President.


The College was established in A.S. 32 (1998) by Magistra Sciath ingen Chaennaig after she emigrated from An Tir; Baroness Genevieve Chastellain d’Anjou was the original patron of the College, and the college's first convocation included 5 graduates from the Fellowship Program.

The College was awarded the Award of the Amber Crystal in A.S. 36 (2002); two years earlier, BMARC had won the Best New Club of Year Prize. The College ceased its activity in A.S 37 (2003).

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