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Chronicles of Eoforwic

The Chronicles of Eoforwic are a collection of pseudo-medieval histories written by Etienne de l'Isle, a pseudonym for Finnvarr de Taahe. These six books form a history of the of the Canton of Eoforwic in Septentria from its founding in AS VIII (1974) until approximately AS XXXIII (1999).

As Eoforwic is centrally located within Ealdormere, the Chronicle essentially serves as a history of the SCA in Ontario for its first 25 years, including the years when the Midrealm ruled these lands and throughout the Principality of Ealdormere. Many notable Ealdormereans are named within the Chronicles.

Each of the Chronicles claims to have been authored by a writer in service to the real author, a conceit first established by Finnvarr de Taahe writing as Etienne de l'Isle. The second volume, alleged to have been written by Trevarius and William of Roncesvalles was written by Tarver the Pole and illustrated by Robert of Two Cliffs (who at the time lived on Roncesvalles Ave). The Third Book pretended to have been written by Hyrcanos Ben Jacob Porto of Oporto, and was authored by James Macandrews. The fourth book carried the name Magnus of Iona on the colophon, and was written by Hector of the Black Height. The fifth and sixth Chronicles were claimed by Susanna Leycestrensis and her unnamed sister, and were written by Nicolaa de Bracton.

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