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Talfryn Tylwyth

Talfryn Tylwyth, the High Hill Clan, a group of individuals who choose to call themselves a family within the Society for Creative Anachronism


In the year of the Society A.S.40 a group of disillusioned and oppressed individuals from various houses formed a new alliance and decided that they would band together to seek out a new future. They dreamed of a land were they might live free of any overlords and find their own place and rule their own destiny. Thus they set out on a voyage of discovery seeking out new lands untouched and unsullied by greed and oppression.

Their wanderings lead them far from the land of their kin and crown but alas they happened upon a most wondrous and unsullied corner of the world far to the north and well out of the reach of jealous overlords. A land untouched by human hands, were the only rule was that of the Gods themselves and the Spirits of the land around them. Lush and verdant the land was green with trees and stood upon a high hill far from the strife and troubles of the lands they left behind.

Alas as they settled the land and began to clear the woods to make their homes and sew their crops all was not as some had hoped. Soon strife came to the lands and some found it was not as they had hoped and so a few struck out again to find other lands were they too might find what ever it is they sought of life. The community dwindled and some thought all was lost once again. Alas however, word of the hospitality and vitality of these hardy folks was soon passed from the tongue of travelers who passed this way from time to time and soon more visitors came to the land to see for themselves. Some have found the life to their liking and settled among the original inhabitants while others simply stay for a short time and move on to their own lands or destinations. The ebb and flow of life sees the community grow and shrink as time goes by but still it lives and prospers.

So it is that any who venture far to the north, with the stuff it takes to climb the High Hill and seek out a place in the woods were life is good and a welcome is always to be had. You will find your way to the gates of the Pentref of Talfryn Tylwyth The Village of the High Hills Clan. Bring your cup and come to the village square were all are welcome and the nectar of the magical Whisky Tree flows free and clear. Welcome friends..


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