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Famiglia Salvazzi

La Famiglia Salvazzi is a small household based on 16th-century personas, with a focus on Italian culture.

The household enjoys sponsoring tourneys, supplying prizes, & donating their time to the Kingdom. They have sponsored 'Best Late Period' for Kingdom A&S, for a number of years; Murder Melee A.S. 54 saw them returning, for the third year, to supplying a commissary table for all combatants.



  • Badge: (Fieldless) A winged lion couchant Or conjoined with a demi-sun inverted sable.


La Famiglia Salvazzi was placed on the Scroll of Honour for services rendered to the kingdom of Ealdormere.

Contact Information

La Famiglia Salvazzi can be contacted by email.

The Badge of La Famiglia Salvazzi: (Fieldless) a winged lion couchant Or conjoined to a demi-sun inverted sable.
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