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House Glyndmere

House Glyndmere is a household based in the northern lands of Ramshaven, specifically in the Canton of Northgaetham. While the household is thematically an Anglo-Saxon household, it's members are not necessarily Anglo-Saxon or even early period.

According to their website, “Glyndmere is many things to many people. For some it is a farm-stead with a blacksmith shop and lots of space to make things. Other enjoy the bee hives and the honey and mead they can produce. Others feel it is an SCA household- a group of friends that like to gather together. For the Incipient Canton of Northgeatham it is often our meeting place once a week.

Whatever it is- it is a place where we like to re-live aspects of medieval history. It is one thing to say what it must have been like in medieval times but it is another to actually try and do it! Our goal is to have fun, learn different things and be creative.

We are primarily interested in the European time period; between the 6th and 16th centuries. We do a wide assortment of crafts relating to that time, ranging from sewing to blacksmithing. We also do activities such as armoured fighting, axe throwing and archery.”

The motto of House Glyndmere is Healldréam, which roughly translates from Anglo-Saxon as “Joy of the Hall”.

Membership into the House of Glyndmere is by the invitation of Thane Penda and Hlaefdiga Sibylla of Glyndmere.


Full Members:

Honourary Members:

  • Baron Percival de la Rocque
  • Baroness Christiana MacNamara
  • Mistress Alyce de Sheppy
  • Lady Kaarina Svantentytar


There are two main tokens given from the House of Glyndmere.

The first is a small bag painted with the Glyndmere weave that contains two nutmeg seeds, known as the Glyndmere nut-sack. In Anglo-Saxon times, whenever a person enter his or her lord's hall, it was customary to place nutmeg under one's armpits so as to not be offensive to the lord of the hall. This token makes the recipient an honourary member of the household. Recipients are asked to paint their badge within the Glyndmere weave.

The second token is the Glyndmere Banner. The Banner, roughly 10“ by 20”, has the Glyndmere weave upon it, and reciepents paint their badge within the weave. The banner is then decorated as befits its owner - some banners have tasseled, others are pointed like pennons, and others have all sorts of paraphernalia attached to it. While there is no “official” difference between an honourary and a full member, anyone who takes the time to make a Glyndmere Banner is usually a full member.

Banners are displayed whenever members of House Glyndmere camp together.

Arts and Sciences

House Glyndmere is very involved in a great variety of period crafts. Projects of various “Glyndmere Days” have produced armour, pewter buckles, drinking vessels, leather bauzbands, buckets, baskets, and metal-worked goods.


Glyndmere Hall is the current site for Baron's Brouhaha. The first Baron's Brouhaha has become legendary for the great storm that struck the event.

The Glyndmere “weave”, the symbol of the household.
An example of some of the iron-forged handiwork of Glyndmere.
An example of some of the leather handiwork of Glyndmere.
An example of some of the weaving handiwork of Glyndmere.
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