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House De Taahe

House De Taahe is the oldest, and arguably the largest, household in Ealdormere.


House De Taahe was formed by Duke Sir Finnvarr de Taahe. According to the Septentria web page, it was formed in AS 6. At this time, Ealdormere was still part of the Midrealm. Although always centered in what became Ealdormere, members of De Taahe can be found all over the Knowne World.

Though many of Sir Finnvarr's squires have been knighted and gone on to form their own households, most of them continue to be considered part of “Greater De Taahe”.


Duke Finnvarr (KSCA, OP, OL) and Countess Ragni (OP, OL) head the household.

Knights and squires in Duke Finnvarr's lineage

  • The knights and squires of Duke Finnvarr's lineage are listed in the Line of Finnvarr.

Current and former apprentices of Countess Ragni

  • Marina
  • Constance

Others associated with the household

  • Duchess Caellyn y'Vearn Fitzhugh, OL, OP, early household member
  • Master Sylard of Eagleshaven, OL, early household member
  • Mistress Gillian d’Uriel, OL, early household member
  • Duchess Caitlyn Stuart, OL, OP, early household member
  • Yvaine, daughter of Duchess Eanor
  • Baroness Annabelle Makmyllane, wife of Sir Richard Larmer
  • Tsharyl
  • Shelna
  • Cathe, wife of Lord Travis
  • Saraphina, wife of THL Augustyn
  • Baroness Mahhild de Valognes, wife of Master Dafydd
  • Baroness Isabel Atwyll, wife of Baron Rattanicus
  • Viscountess AElflaeda FitzAlain, OP, wife of Viscount Mordain
  • Lady Alys Blackcloak, daughter of Viscount Mordain
  • Master Jamie FitzMordain Blackcloak, OL, son of Viscount Mordain
  • Lady Merewen de Sweynesheie, wife of Lord Meuric
The Badge of House De Taahe: Azure, a mullet of six points within an orle of mullets of six points Or.
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