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House Arrochar

Formed in 2009, House Arrochar contains members who live throughout the Kingdom of Ealdormere. The Heads of the House, Duke Nigel MacFarlane and Duchess Adrielle Kerric, have formed a household full of artisans, warriors and fun-generators, all devoted to furthering the greater glory of the Kingdom through service and hard work. A comfy seat, a full mug and a joyous song are all to be found around the campfire wherever this house abides.


After Death Remains Virtue.

House Arrochar Standard.

History of the Historic Arrochar

Historically part of Dunbartonshire, it is overlooked by a group of mountains called the Arrochar Alps, and in particular by the distinctive rocky summit of the Cobbler.

For over five centuries this area, the feudal barony of Arrochar, was held by the chiefs of Clan MacFarlane and before them by their ancestors the barons of Arrochar. The family is Celtic in the male line and native to their Highland homeland of tall peaks and deep lochs just above the waist of Scotland. The settlement was a key target for Viking raiders who took their boats 2 miles overland to Tarbet to attack the unprotected inland settlements at Loch Lomond before their defeat in 1263 at the battle of Largs.

House Arrochar takes its name from this region of Scotland.


Apprentice Belts

It has become a tradition in Arrochar for each new apprentice have their apprentice belt made by the apprentice taken before them. For instance, when Colyne Stewart became an apprentice, his belt (or in his case, garters) were made by Þorfinna gráfeldr who (until then) had been Adrielle Kerrec's newest apprentice.

As mentioned above, the item each new apprentice receives is not necessarily a belt. Pesha received an apron (made by Mahhild de Valognes), Þorfinna gráfeldr received a saex, and so on.

Feral Bears

In days of yore, when trying to settle on a name for Adrielle Kerrec and her dependents, before House Arrochar had been founded, the name Kerrec Bears (a play on the Care Bears) was jokingly suggested. At the following Pennsic, a number of these apprentices famously “went feral” and the term “Feral Bears” was coined. Adrielle and each apprentice was therefore given a Feral Bear name:

Squire Numbering

Nigel MacFarlane's squires refer to each other (in Latin) by the order in which they became squires.

Order of the Pelican Legacy Medallion

When Colyne was elevated to the Order of the Pelican, Kolbjorn passed his personal Pelican medallion to Colyne. The intent is for this medallion to be passed to other members of Arrochar upon their elevation to the Order.

Lineage Trees

The knight-squire tree can be found here: Line of Nigel.

The laurel-apprentice tree can be found here: Line of Adrielle.


Duke Nigel MacFarlane, KSCA, and Duchess Adrielle Kerrec, OL, OP, head the household.


Former Apprentices



  • Baroness Eleanor von Atzinger, OP


  • Thorkatla Berendsdottir
  • Adelaide van der Eych
  • Daggar


  • Gilchrist (sadly missed)
  • Ilsa
  • Boaz (sadly missed)
  • Ozymandias (sadly missed)
  • O'ber
  • Lucy
  • Fengel
  • Beans
  • TJ
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