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House Addis

House Addis, also called House Addis North, is a household located in Harrowgate Heath.

House Addis is a Brotherhood of like-minded people who enjoy many aspects of the SCA. Though the founders were connected by heavy fighting, House Addis quickly evolved into a service-oriented household. However, it remains a diverse group, with members who are interested in many forms of martial arts as well as those more interested in the arts and sciences than in getting into armour.

The members of House Addis have not sworn fidelity to any one person, rather they promise to encourage and support each other as a band of brothers and sisters.


Lady Morag was for many years squired to Sir Gunther Addis, a Knight in the Kingdom of Atlantia. She formed House Addis as a “cousin” household to Sir Gunther's house. It was formed on December 8th of 2011 by nine friends who had fought and laughed side by side for more than a year. Since then they have found more Brothers and Sisters wandering the fields looking for home.

The founding nine members were: Morag, Martin, Nathaniel, Catherine, Kaðlín, Cennédig, Stephen, Bridget and Michael. At present, one is gone and two have left the household.

As Sir Gunther Addis is the head of a separate House Addis in Atlantia, the house in Ealdormere is sometimes referred to as House Addis North in order to differentiate the two houses. Although united by friendship, the two are separate houses. The members of House Addis North have not sworn fidelity to Sir Gunther, and they consider themselves to be an Ealdormere Household.


Current Members

  • Lady Morag Tayler (founding member)
  • Lord Martin Brua (founding member)
  • Lord Nathaniel Jonessone ‘the Dane'(founding member)
  • Lady Catherine Rose Lamont (founding member)
  • Lord Michael Eastbrooke (founding member)
  • Lord Stephen of Cornwall (founding member)
  • Lord Magnus Strykwind
  • Lord Gottfried Von Hengstgerg
  • Lady Laili of Harrowgate Heath
  • Lord Michel du Maine

Sadly Missed

  • Lady Aevianna Nordenge
  • Lady Bridget of Cornwall (founding member)

Friends of the House


Contact any member at any event or fight practice where we are found.

Membership is not by invitation. You must feel comfortable enough with us to ask for membership, at which point it will be put to the vote of the Household members.

House Addis Badge: Or, an ax bendwise gules within an orle of mullets of six points azure.
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