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 ====== Harpy Hall ====== ====== Harpy Hall ======
-**Harpy Hall** is a household ​based out of the Shire of [[branches:​shire:​Trinovantia Nova]]. ​+Newly established in A.S. 54, **Harpy Hall** is a household ​made up of people from the Shire of [[branches:​shire:​Trinovantia Nova]] ​and neighbouring regions. Enjoying drink, food and fun, when not participating in all of the things, we also hold a large number of officers within our ranks. Dedicated to the enjoyment of the SCA for all, and our duty to our local groups, we serve and play our way.
-=====History===== +The three tenets of the household are missile weapons, an opposing virtue, and a sense of hostitality. Belonging ​to the household earns you badgemeeting ​the three tenets earns your guttes.
-Newly established in A.S. 54, Harpy Hall's name is still in the process of being finalized, and is subject ​to change. Harpy Hall is household for camping and feasting purposesand contains members from other households and groups in the Shire of [[branches:​shire:​Trinovantia Nova]] and neighbouring regions.+
 =====Members===== =====Members=====
-  * Lady [[people:​Eithne ingen Ui Ragnaill|Enya ingen Uí Ragnaill]] ​(Head) +  * Lady [[people:​Eithne ingen Ui Ragnaill|Enya ingen Uí Ragnaill]] ​~ Grace 
-  * Lady [[people:​neala_ingen_ui_ragnaill|Neala ingen Ui Ragnaill]] ​(Head) +  * [[people:​neala_ingen_ui_ragnaill|Neala ingen Ui Ragnaill]] ​~ Class 
-  * Lady [[people:​Amelye Merriman]] ​(Head) +  * Lady [[people:​Amelye Merriman]] ​~ Dignity 
-  * The Honourable Lady [[people:​Orla O'​shanahan]] +  * The Honourable Lady [[people:​Orla O'​shanahan]] ​~ Dexterity 
-  * Lord [[people:​Aidan Sceotend aet Thaem Mistigum Merum]] +  * The Honourable ​Lord [[people:​Aidan Sceotend aet Thaem Mistigum Merum]] ​~ Patience 
-  * [[people:Jowan nyn Ranell]] +  * [[people:Lady Muirghein MacQuerrie]] 
-  * [[people:Runa Solveigardottir]]+  * Lord [[people:Raithe]]
   * [[people:​Rose Karr]]   * [[people:​Rose Karr]]
   * [[people:​Ayn Kemp]]   * [[people:​Ayn Kemp]]
-  * [[people:Lady Muirghein MacQuerrie]] +  * Lady [[people:Jowan nyn Ranell]] 
-  * [[people:Raithe]] +  * [[people:Runa Solveigardottir]]
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