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   * Lady [[people:​Amelye Merriman]] (Head)   * Lady [[people:​Amelye Merriman]] (Head)
   * The Honourable Lady [[people:​Orla O'​shanahan]]   * The Honourable Lady [[people:​Orla O'​shanahan]]
-  * Lord [[people:​Aidan Sceotend aet Thaem Mistigum Merum]]+  * The Honourable ​Lord [[people:​Aidan Sceotend aet Thaem Mistigum Merum]]
   * [[people:​Jowan nyn Ranell]]   * [[people:​Jowan nyn Ranell]]
   * [[people:​Runa Solveigardottir]]   * [[people:​Runa Solveigardottir]]
Line 20: Line 20:
   * [[people:​Raithe]]   * [[people:​Raithe]]
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