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Fighters of the Freehold of Rozaki

The Fighters of the Freehold of Rozaki more commonly known as the Rozakii is one of the larger fighting households in Ealdormere. Many kings and queens of Ealdormere have been Rozakii.


In May, AS XX, Murder Melee was again held, and at this event a new household was born, known as the Greater Freehold of the Fighters of Rozak, better known as the Rozakii. The founding members were Blaquestone, Roak, Tarl and Otaka (now known as Sir Tarkatai, Master of the Laurel). This inter-kingdom household would go on to produce many Kings and Queens of Ealdormere, as well as members of the Order of Chivalry, the Laurel and the Pelican.

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