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Crimson Star

The Crimson Star is a rapier household located in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.


The privateer ship Crimson Star was formed out of the ashes of another ship/household known as the Crimson Star from An Tir. Its sole remaining member brought the idea and heart of the original Crimson Star halfway across the knowne world to its current residence in Trinovantia Nova, Ealdormere.

At one time the Crimson Star had so many members it separated into two ships; the second of which became the “White Rose”. For a time in the mid 2000's the Crimson star would often make up close to (if not more) than 50% of any rapier list it attended.


  • Mateo de Merida (Captain)
  • Dalin Caulder (First Mate)
  • Raithe (Boatswain)
  • Luisa Savie (Seamstress/Tailor)
  • Elzbeth MacGregor
  • Raphael de Merida
  • Tomiko Yashiro
  • Nathan Donnerfaust (Powder Monkey)
  • Caleb Caulder (Powder Monkey)
  • Asher Caulder (Powder Monkey)
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