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Clan Ōkami

A Samurai with no group and no horse is not a Samurai at all. -Yamamoto Jin'-emon

Clan Ōkami (狼氏) is the collection of Samurai in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Their goal is to promote the SCA through the reenactment of the ways of the Samurai of Japan.

In Japanese, the character Ōkami means “wolf”. This represents the fact that Clan Ōkami styles itself the Japanese Wolf of Ealdormere - and the Ealdormere populace symbol is, of course, the wolf. Clan Ōkami therefore always flies the banners of the wolf and of Ealdormere, as they hold allegiance to the kingdom and to the King and Queen, until the Emperor calls them back home to Nippon.

The clan follows the seven Tenets of Bushido and official “belted” members take an oath to these during a private ceremony.

Activities the Ōkami include Armor Making Woodworking, Way of the Bow, Chanting, Story Telling, Sewing and Garment Making, Calligraphy, Poetry, and, of course, Sake Brewing. Plans are afoot to add Taiko Drum Making, Metalworking, Tent-Making and other activities of the Medieval Japanese.


What began as armoring sessions at Yamamoto's Do'no's house quickly evolved into a collection of Japanese persona that wanted to fight and learn the arts of Japan. Started in A.S. 44, Clan Ōkami started out as a fighting household, but it has evolved into a way to collect Japanese persona in Ealdormere and give a path to follow for future Japanese samurai. Clan Ōkami at one point boasted over 22 official members and numerous “Friends of the Clan” members.

Lord Yamamoto led the clan for eight years. In A.S. 52, Yamamoto Morikazu Do'no and his lady, Mi'namoto Natsume Do'no, were recalled to Kyoto by the Emperor. Clan Ōkami is currently led by Yamagata Tokim'une Do'n and his Yamagata Yukiko Do'no with the help of the trusted retainers of the Clan.

Clan Members

Membership in Clan is divided between official “belted” members (called the Hatamoto), and Friends of the Clan. To become a belted member, one must have a Japanese persona or alternate persona; have contributed to the clan in a manner that satisfies the Daimyo; and have participated in the wider SCA, including learning the skills and service prized by the Society. A belted member is given an Obi - a sort of cloth belt - in a private ceremony where they take an oath to uphold the tenants of Bushido. The obi reflects the wearer's SCA rank; thus a white obi is reserved for a member of the Order of the Chivalry, a red obi represents a squire, and so on. Some members of the Clan also wear a necklace or token to show their dedication to the Clan.

Hatamoto (Full Members with Obi):

  • Yamagata Tokimune Do'no Daimyō (Leader)
  • Yamagata Yukiko Do'no (Alieana of the March)
  • Ichijou Kinaki Do'no
  • Ishigami-no-Ōkami Do'no (Lord James Mac Donald), Jitō (Treasurer)
  • Shimazu Nobuhisa Do'no, Sobayonin (Secretary)
  • Tanegashima Hiromoto Do'no
  • Tanegashima Masako Do'no
  • Oikawa Katsu Taishou
  • Atai Yoshina Taishou
  • Sakuran no-Ōkami Do'no
  • Kagutsuchi Itto
  • Takeda Seishin

Retired Hatamoto:

  • Kajia Do'no
  • Yamamoto Morikazu Do'no
  • Mi'namoto Natsume Do'no
  • Heroshi Heisui
  • Hoshi No-Ōkami

Friends of the Ōkami (Honorary Members):

  • Kenshin-do'no of Æthelmearc
  • Seishi-do'no of Æthelmearc
  • Artemis
  • Daisuke No-Ōkami
  • Geishi
  • Inabe Yasue
  • Kurosawa
  • Liambeth
  • Mori Shiome Do'no
  • Raiden
  • Ren
  • Seimei No-Ōkami
  • Sakura
  • Shimazu Mitsunaga Do'no
  • Yasu No-Ōkami
  • Yoshikuri Nagayori Bushou


Clan Ōkami can be contacted by joining the Facebook group.

Clan Ōkami fights under the Mon of the Wolfium of Ealdormere.
Clan Ōkami, armed and ready for war.
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