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Academia Xiphias

Academia Xiphias is a household composed mainly of Rapier Combatants who have trained and authorized while resident in the Barony of Skraeling Althing.


Academia Xiphias was created around 1997. It was originally composed of Rapier Combatants trained by Aidan Lann Ottardottir and Kasia Blackfox. It has since become a Baronial Household that also includes members that have been instrumental in the development of the household or it's members and not necessarily Rapier Combatants. 'Xiphians', as they are commonly called will usually sport a favour or medallion of a 'Swordfish gules, scaley argent' to designate membership in the household.

Members of Academia Xiphias are encouraged to take part in diverse activities within the SCA. Rapier Combatants are encouraged to work towards their Marshal status and to actively help train other Rapier combatants.

Academia Xiphias has traditionally presented taxes to their Excellencies Skraeling Althing yearly at Feast of the Hare.


See also People of Academia Xiphias, for people who have tagged the household in their persona pages on the Wiki.

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