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Kingdom of Ealdormere Library

The Kingdom of Ealdormere Library consists of those members (known as the Librarians) who love research; and by that, the search for documentation to support projects both modern and medieval. Petitioners may seek help in conducting search for information or sources for projects.

Guild Description

The purpose of the Library of Ealdormere is to:

  1. Support the development of information resource use in Ealdormere;
  2. Provide access to information resources;
  3. Support improved documentation writing for projects; and
  4. Encourage research and writing in Medieval History.

Kingdom residents may petition the Library for help by posting to the Library's Reference Desk (Facebook). Library staff will respond to requests for access to references, research strategies, documentation proofreading and support.

Library Staff

Reference Request Procedure

Petitioners may make reference requests in two ways:

  1. Post request to the Facebook Group here; or
  2. Submit a request via email

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