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Dance Scuola

The Dance Scuola is a Dance organization in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Nature of the Scuola

Words like Academy, Guild, Household or Scuola are, in many ways interchangeable. They are shortcuts to identify people with a common interest. The Dance Community within Ealdormere is such a group. We chose the word Scuola (School) for two reasons:

  • Unlike skilled trades such as tanners, smiths, potters and so, the art of Dance was taught by individual instructors. We have been unable to find evidence of “Dance Guilds” during the SCA's period
  • The labels Guilds and Households both have an exclusive feel. Since dance is an something everyone can enjoy, anyone may style themselves members of the Scuola.

Membership Levels

The Scuola is open to anyone interested in Renaissance Dance or Music. If someone dances or simply enjoys the atmosphere at dance events, they can be a member of the Scuola. If someone teaches dance, they are a teacher in the Scuola. If someone plays for dance, they are a musician in the Scuola. If someone organizes an event or champions a project, they are an organizer in the Scuola.

Participation does not confer any special honourifics.


We communicate and coordinate efforts through the Ealdormere Dance Yahoo Group

Decision Making

The Scuola makes all decisions by consensus. All participants can make suggestions and provide feedback. Naturally, well thought out, worthwhile suggestions are more likely to be followed through, as are those brought forward by experienced dancers/musicians with a track record of success.


We meet a few times per year do discuss projects and ways to promote Dance. Meetings open to anyone interested in Dance or Dance Music and are usually held at someone's home on a Sunday afternoon. Several people also participate via Skype or some other virtual meeting technology. We also meet at events or other convenient times, specially when working on projects

For details, please watch the Ealdormere Dance Yahoo Group

Dance Events

The Ealdormere Dance Community runs Step Spritely every February. Since the Scuola is an informal group, we do this under the sponsorship of an Ealdormerian Canton or Barony. We also coordinate car pools and accommodations for other events from Rhode Island in the East Kingdom to the shores of the Mississippi river, on the Midrealm/Calontir border.

Days of Dance and Mini-Events

We also coordinate several large scale dance practices throughout the year. Most notable are

  • Shortly after Pennsic in Gage Park, Hamilton
  • A Sunday in December at a school in Orangeville.
  • A practice in London
  • A practice in Guelph

For details, please watch the Ealdormere Dance Yahoo Group

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