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   * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Kingdom Bard]]:​** ​ TH Lord [[people:​dietrich_von_sachsen|Dietrich von Sachsen]]   * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Kingdom Bard]]:​** ​ TH Lord [[people:​dietrich_von_sachsen|Dietrich von Sachsen]]
   * **[[branches:​barony:​septentria|Ursine]] [[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]]:​** Vacant   * **[[branches:​barony:​septentria|Ursine]] [[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]]:​** Vacant
-  * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]] of Skraeling Althing:​** ​Baroness [[people:​pesha|Pesha ​of Little Egypt]]+  * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]] of Skraeling Althing:​** ​Lady Osc of the Harbours
   * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]] of Rising Waters:** Vacant   * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]] of Rising Waters:** Vacant
   * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]] of Ramshaven:​** Lord Guoillauc filius Brancu   * **[[activities:​service:​offices:​bard|Bard]] of Ramshaven:​** Lord Guoillauc filius Brancu
Line 51: Line 51:
   * Lady Fursto de Robyne   * Lady Fursto de Robyne
   * Captain Mic Cillian   * Captain Mic Cillian
 +  * Lady Osc of the Harbours
   * Lady Widow Kate, Lady of the Lake   * Lady Widow Kate, Lady of the Lake
   * Lady [[people:​Yngvildr Ádísardóttir]]   * Lady [[people:​Yngvildr Ádísardóttir]]
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