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Super Secret Dagmar Fan Club

The Super Secret Dagmar Fan Club was an underground support network in service to the reign of Queen Dagmar Halvdan, and by extension King Tormot Quilliam.


This underground support network sprang up randomly at the Coronation of Quilliam and Dagmar. By popular demand, the network continued its activities throughout the Reign.

They appeared again, suddenly, at the Coronation of Quilliam II and Dagmar II, but faded quietly into the background when the funding needs of the Society at large became more pressing than the concerns of one Kingdom.


Members can be spotted by the badge they wear. Offical lists do not exist, but speculations abound. Reliable sources who do not wish to be named, report that the Principle Members are Constance of Caldrithig and Eluned verch Angor.


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