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Tor Brant

The Stronghold of Tor Brant is located in the Barony of Skraeling Althing and claims the lands of Renfrew County, including the Town of Petawawa, Deep River and the City of Pembroke in the Ottawa Valley.

Origin of the Name

The name Tor Brant comes from the Scots-Gaelic“Tor”, meaning a high pointed hill or a rocky pinnacle; and “Brant”, meaning sword. Tor Brant thus means “The Hill of Swords”. In the early days of the Stronghold, there was a close relationship with the local Canadian Forces Base that was home to the 2nd Special Service Force (SSF), which used a winged dagger as part of the Brigade patch. The name is a tribute to that relationship.

Tor Brant's device is said to be a depiction of the local climate: The chief represents a snow storm, while the white field is just that - a white field. The dragon in the center harkens back to the time when Tor Brant was part of the Middle Kingdom; This means that the arms of Tor Brant are basically a black furry dragon out for a walk in a snow storm.


Tor Brant was founded in A.S. 25 as the Canton of Tor Brant.

The first records of Tor Brant's existence is found in the form of receipts dated September of A.S 22. It was not until A.S 25 that the “Incipient Canton of Tor Brant” held their first meeting on the January 20th. At the time, Tor Brant had a population of 12 members.

In its first year of existence the group held two feasts, two fight practices, two demos, four garb workshops, two cooking guild meetings, two film festivals, a medieval picnic and four potlucks along with regular meetings every Sunday.

On the 23rd day of September A.S. 26, the Seneschal of Tor Brant, Adela of the Fiery Woods, put forward the application for branch advancement to full status. Tor Brant was granted full status in May of A.S 27.



The arms of the Stronghold of Tor Brant: Argent, a Dragon passant counter-ermine and in base a laurel wreath, a Chief Azure Platy.
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