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The Incipient Canton of Stórfjǫrðr (pronounced STOR-fyord-ther) is a canton within the Barony of Ben Dunfirth. Encompassing the mundane lands of Brantford, the canton was founded amongst the ruins of the previous canton, called Westbelleford.

Origin of the Name

The name Stórfjǫrðr is Old Norse for “Grand Fjord”, a reference to the Grand River that flows through the canton's lands.


The lands of the Canton of Stórfjǫrðr were originally settled as the Canton of Westbelleford, which was founded in September of AS 35. Soon after Ben Dunfirth and Ramshaven had a small spat concerning their borders. Ben Dunfirth claimed to hold deeds to Ramshaven lands, while Ramshaven reivers were sighted in Ben Dunfirth.

In time, the settlement of Westbelleford would fall into ruin, but it's memory was kept alive by those who had once dwelt amongst its shattered walls. In time, these surivors gathered up resources, newcommers, and the backing of the Barony of Ben Dunfirth. There they rebuilt the settlement and re-tilled fallow fields. Taking the new name Stórfjǫrðr, they adopted the old arms of Westbelleford, proudly displaying the boar in fealty to their barony.

At Murder Melee of AS 53, the Baron and Baroness of Ben Dunfirth, Brand and Jocea, announced to all - with the blessing of the Crown - that Stórfjǫrðr had fullfilled the requirements to become an Incipient Canton.



Incipient Canton of Stórfjǫrðr

The arms of the Canton of Stórfjǫrðr: Quarterly argent and Or, a boar's head couped within a laurel wreath sable.
Populace Badge: Quarterly argent and Or, a boar's head couped within a bordure embattled gules.
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