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-<WRAP column 65% > 
-====== Harrowgate Heath ====== 
-The Canton of Harrowgate Heath (Counties of Grenville and Dundas) is located in the Barony of Skraeling Althing. At the request of Their Excellencies Giovanni and Lucia, Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing, Harrowgate Heath has also expanded its activities to include the area around the City of Cornwall, which is within Baronial lands. 
-===== Officers ===== 
-  * [[activities:​service:​offices:​seneschal|Seneschal]]:​ Lady Morag Tayler 
-  * [[activities:​service:​offices:​exchequer|Exchequer]]:​ Lady Gina Dragoni 
-  * [[activities:​service:​offices:​minister_of_arts_sciences|Minister of Arts & Sciences]]: Lord Martin Brua 
-===== Populace ===== 
-  * [[people:​people_by_location:​harrowgate_heath|People of Harrowgate Heath]] 
-===== External Links ===== 
-  * [[http://​skraelingalthing.com/​wp/​harrowgateheath/​|Harrowgate Heath website]] ​ 
-<WRAP column 25% right> 
-[{{media:​heraldry:​branch_heraldry:​harrowgate-heath.jpg?​250px|The arms of the Canton of Harrowgate Heath: //Azure, a tower within a laurel wreath and on a chief embattled Or four mullets azure.//}}] 
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