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 +====== Patent of Arms ======
 +A Patent of Arms is the highest award that can be bestowed in the [[scaism:​society for creative anachronism|SCA]]. It is rarely given on its own, rather an individual is normally inducted into one of four polling orders: the [[Order of the Chivalry]], the [[Order of the Laurel]], the [[Order of the Pelican]], and the [[Order of Defense]]. ​ Together, these orders are known as Peerages, and their members are known as Peers of the Realm. ​ They all hold equal rank. 
 +Patents of Arms are a Society wide Award that is recognized in every Kingdom in the [[scaism:​Knowne World]]. ​ As such, the qualifications for each peerage are laid out in [[scaism:​Corpora]].  ​
 +===== Peerage Qualities =====
 +These qualities must be met by every potential peer, independent of the order they are being elevated to.
 +Any peerage candidate "shall have:
 +  * been obedient to the governing documents of the Society and the laws of the kingdom
 +  * consistently shown respect for the Crown of the kingdom
 +  * set an example of courteous and noble behavior suitable to a peer of the realm
 +  * demonstrated support for the aims and ideals of the Society by being authentic in dress, equipment and behavior as is within their power
 +  * shared their knowledge and skills with others
 +  * practiced hospitality according to their means and as appropriate to the circumstances
 +  * made every effort to learn and practice those skills desirable at and worthy of a civilized court. To this end they should have some knowledge of a wide range of period forms, including but not limited to literature, dancing, music, heraldry, and chess, and they should have some familiarity with combat as practiced in the Society
 +  * participated in Society re-creations of several aspects of the culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance" ​ (Corpora, Article VIII.A.1)
 +===== Orders =====
 +In addition to the Peerage Qualities listed above, each Order has an additional set of requirements that a candidate must meet before being inducted into said Order.  ​
 +  * The [[Order of the Chivalry]] recognizes martial prowess in [[activities:​martial:​armoured combat]].
 +  * The [[Order of the Laurel]] recognizes excellence in the [[activities:​arts_sciences:​start|arts & sciences]].
 +  * The [[Order of the Pelican]] recognizes exemplary [[activities:​service:​start]].
 +  * The [[Order of Defense]] recognizes martial prowess in [[activities:​martial:​rapier combat]].
 +===== Elevation =====
 +Each Crown may chose to elevate Subjects of Their Kingdom to the Order, but the Crown must ensure the Subject meets the criteria as described in [[scaism:​Corpora]] for Peerage Awards, and The Crown has consulted with the current members of the Order in Their Kingdom.
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