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 ====== Order of the Rose ====== ====== Order of the Rose ======
 +The Order of the Rose is an award recognized all across the [[scaism:​Knowne World]]. ​ Any person who has served as a Queen or King [[scaism:​royalty|consort]] is automatically inducted into the order when she or he steps down from the throne.  ​
 +As defined by [[scaism:​corpora]]:​ "The Order of the Rose consists of former Royal Consorts of a kingdom. It is specifically charged with encouraging chivalrous and courteous behavior among all members of the Society." ​  ​(Corpora,​ Article VIII.A.4.f)
 +In Ealdormere, the Order of the Rose holds a Rose Tourney at [[activities:​events:​War of the Trillium]] each year, where courtesy and chivalry are expected to the highest degree of all combatants. ​ As Ealdormere has never had a King Consort, all current members of the Order of the Rose are female.  ​
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