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Horn of Wessex

The Horn of Wessex was a special award of distinction given in the Barony of Septentria during Cynred and Gaerwen's reign. It was given to those gentles who exemplified a generous heart, a noble spirit, a love of learning and pride in themselves as Septentrians. Inspired by its predecessors and the life of Aelfred the Great, the Saxon king who was a warrior, scholar, teacher and lawgiver. The Horn was given at Twelfth Night and held for a year, until the next Twelfth Night. It was to always be kept full by the populace, to be used to spread the hospitality of Septentria and act as a symbol of recognition of a gentle who exemplified the Septentrian spirit.

The Horn of Wessex has been given out first to Domhnail and Corwyn Galbraith, the two that crafted the horn.

The recipients of the horn were:

  • Domhnail Galbraith and Corwyn Galbraith (AS 34);
  • Eirik Andersen (AS 35);
  • Valdr Jarnsmithr (then called Aenaes Oakhammer) (AS 36); and

When it was retired by Baron Corwyn and Baroness Domhnail it was placed into Baroness Gaerwen's keeping.

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