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 +====== Horn of Muinnin ======
 + The Horn of Muinnin was the highest honour given during the reign of Corwyn and Domhnail, Baron and Baroness of Septentria. It was given to those Septentrians who are seen to possess, by their words and deeds, a generous heart, a noble spirit, a love of learning and pride in their Barony. The Horn was held by the recipient(s) for a year and a day.
 +Its creation was inspired by the great drinking horns of old that were given first to those of high standing within the great halls.
 +Septentrians were charged to ensure that the Horn is never empty.
 +In ancient lore, Muinnin is Odin's raven that remembers.
 +Its gripping bear beast design was inspired by the prow from the Oseberg Viking ship burial. The lip of the Horn was a relief carved with the expression, '​Strong is the Bear', taken from the pledge of the Iron Companions, the Sepentrian Martial force. An iron loop with a punched image of the Baron and Baroness was also at the lip. The sides of the horn were relief carved and command 'let me not stand empty'​. A band at the bottom had the stylized names of Corwyn and Domhnail. The point of the horn was a stylized raven head, wherein a iron band looped through the beak.
 +The Horn of Muinnin was first awarded at Snowed Inn III, Jan 17, 2004.
 +The Horn's recipients were: *Ulvar van der Nederlanden,​ AS 38 *Christiana MacNamara and Percival de Laroque, AS 39 *Anne Tinker and Tiberius of Warwickshire,​ AS 40 *Hector of the Black Height, AS 41 
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