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 +====== Cauldron of Ceridwen ======
 + The Cauldron of Ceridwen was an award of specisl distinction instituted by Master Aedan, first Baron of Septentria and Mistress Kaffa, second Baroness of Septentria.
 +The cauldron itself was engraved with images of the history of Septentria. The first of these images was the '​Granting of Septentria'​ by King Hugo and Queen Caitlin to Aedan and Kaffa in court.
 +The second image is the legend of the cauldron itself. The Cauldron of Ceridwen is a tale from ancient Ireland. The sorceress Ceridwen boiled down the essence of creativity for a year and a day to produce three golden drops of inspiration. This was stolen (“accidently”) by her assistant Gwion Bach. The 'great chase' ensued, each of the two changing themselves into animals ever smaller and faster. Eventually, Gwion Bach changes himself into a wheat stalk and tries to hide in a field - but Ceridwen finds him and eats him. This makes her pregnant - and she bears the child Taliesin - who grows to be the greatest bard of ancient Ireland. This story winds around the face of the cauldron.
 +The third image is on the bottom, inside the cauldron. It is the 'wolf rending the dragon'​.
 +The bottom of the cauldron (the outside this time) is divided into nine segments. The names of the recipients are given there. Nine was used for Odin, and as it turns out, the cauldron was only given out nine times. In the end, it was given back to Aedan and Kaffa.
 +The Cauldron was only ever to be filled with ale or wine, and be used as a hosting cup to welcome the people of Septentria (the only exception to this was Tangwystal, who was allowed to use pure milk because of her stomach). It was also often passed around to refresh voices at bardic circles.
 +Although the Cauldron is rumoured to have been made by Master Sylard, he insists that it was created by dwarves and he only found it.
 +There was a badge created for past holders of the Cauldron, but it never got passed by the heralds. This was a golden cauldron, holding a white bear on a red field. The cauldron was tipped to one side and three golden drops issued from it.
 +It was awarded on Twelfth Night, to be held until the next Twelfth Night. The Cauldron was awarded to those gentles whose efforts, demeanor and medieval bearing contributed to the atmosphere and were an inspiration to all who saw them. The cauldron was engraved with the names of the recipients. This award was closed by Aedan and Kaffa.
 +The recipients of the Cauldron of Ceridwen were: 
 +  * Sylard of Eagleshaven AS 17 
 +  * Finnvarr de Taahe AS 18 
 +  * Fiona Averil of Maidenhead AS 19 
 +  * Ricard of Sabletree AS 20 
 +  * Robert of Two Cliffs AS 21 
 +  * Talymar gan y Lyn and Eislinn the Patient AS 22 
 +  * David Martin Failsworth and Tangwystl Siwan Failsworth AS 23 
 +  * Angharad of Nankivel AS 24 
 +  * Frederic L'​Avarre and Tamarra Amalthea de Romany AS 25 
 +  * Aedan na Kincora and Caffa Muraith AS 26.
 +As is often the case, sources for this list of award winners were conflicted. We have based this listing primarily on the histories of Eoforwic, which differ from the official Order of Precedence. This decision was based on the fact that many of the dates on the OP are recognized as being guesses. ​
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