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Award Structure

Partially in response to The Midrealm's evolved award structure, Ealdormere's award structure was carefully planned from the start.

Precedence Granting Awards

For a full listing of awards by Precedence see Order of Precedence.

Ealdormere's award structure is essentially a “three-stream, three-tier” system.

The three “streams” are martial achievement, arts & sciences, and service. The three “tiers” start with award of arms level awards, followed by grant-level awards, and finally the patent-level or “Peerage” awards. All these awards grant a place on the Order of Precedence. Most commonly, someone will be given these awards in ascending order.

In addition, the custom of awarding Court Baronies for achievement is common in Ealdormere. This award is not on one of the three “streams”, and is given at the whim of the Crown. In the Order of Precedence, Barons and Baronesses rank above Honourable Lords and Ladies (those holding a grant of arms) and below Peers.

Armoured Combat Rapier Combat Arts & Sciences Service
Patent of Arms Order of the Chivalry Order of Defense Order of the Laurel Order of the Pelican
Grant of Arms Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer Order of the Crucible Order of the Wain
Award of Arms Award of the Scarlet Banner Award of the Orion Award of the Maiden's Heart

Non-Precedence Granting Awards

The following non-precedence granting awards are given in Ealdormere:

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