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Award of the Golden Bear

The Award of the Golden Bear is a baronial award given in the Barony of Septentria. This is the Barony of Septentria's Arts and Sciences Award. As the Bear's Claw recognizes martial skill or contributions, and the Bear's Heart recognizes service and dedication, the Golden Bear recognizes excellence within the arts and sciences. As it is an award and not an order, it can be granted to the same recipient multiple times. It was instituted by Their Excellencies Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith; the first Golden Bear was awarded at Septentria's 25th Anniversary Event (Nov 29, AS 38) to Lady Wencenedl of Rokesburg. The first award was carved from a piece of golden amber. Future awards are expected to be cast from brass, designed after the original amber bear.

Badge of the Award of the Golden Bear: Gules, a bear passant Or.
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